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Prophet Al-Khadir and his meeting Prophet Moses peace be upon them both.

After Allah saved the Israelites from Pharaoh and his army and after their affairs were settled, Prophet Musa (Moses) addressed the Muslims, admonishing them and reminding them of all the endowments Allah had granted them over time. He did not overlook a single blessing and made it clear that Allah had blessed them with these endowments.

A man among the Israelites asked, “Oh Prophet of Allah, is there anyone on earth more knowledgeable than you?”

Musa replied, “No”.

Allah revealed to him that he should have said, ‘Allah knows best. Furthermore, Allah revealed to him that he does not know to whom Allah bestows his knowledge, for a man by the seashore was more knowledgeable than Musa in some matters, and he was the slave of Allah, Al-khadir.
(Hence, more knowledgeable means that Al-khadir was given a category of knowledge that Musa was not granted).

Al-Kadir’s knowledge was the ability to know matters that were concealed or that had not occurred yet, Allah revealed such things to him. Musa’s knowledge, on the other hand concerned judgements and rulings of occurring matters from peoples speech and actions. As such, Al-khadir would be more knowledgeable than Musa with regard to certain situations and specific matters, but not more knowledgeable than him in a general sense.

When Musa came to know of Al-Khadir, his honourable soul longed to meet him. Musa’s endeavour was to acquire than category of knowledge, and he aspired to meet the one whom Allah said was more knowledgeable; namely Al-Khadir. This demonstrates that the method of the scholars is to travel seeking more knowledge and to take advantage of meeting other noble scholars even if they were in distant lands. Allah granted those who travel seeking knowledge greater levels of piety, obedience, goodness and victory in both this life and the hereafter.

Musa asked Allah to see Al-Khadir.

Allah revealed to him to go to the sea and on the shore he would find a large fish. He was told to take it and then to leave it in the care of his young companions, then to travel but staying close to the seashore.
Musa would find the pious slave of Allah, where he forgets the fish and it goes missing, he would at the convergence of the two seas.
Allah had informed Musa about Al-Khadir without specifying his location, which made Musa yearn further to meet him.
So he said, “ I will keep travelling until I reach the place where the two seas converge, or until a long time passes so to find him.

This shows that Musa, the one who calls to justice, truth, and knowledge, had prepared himself to overcome the great hardships and burden of travelling in search of further knowledge. This is an indication that the seeker of knowledge is entitled to travel from the east to the west in search of one particular case of knowledge.

Musa and Yusha^ bin Nun, Prophet Musa’s young companion who used to learn from him and serve him set out on the journey, taking with them bread and fish, which they had salted and prepared for their sustenance. When they reached the place where the two seas met (it was said they were; the Persian and the Roman seas), they sat under the shade of a big rock near the seashore and fell asleep.

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